If you are in the market to buy a new home, then you need to hear about my

Retail Rate Challenge!

Here's how it works

Hi! I'm McKay Wilson, a mortgage broker with C2 Hawaii, and I'm here to help you save a bunch of money.


As a wholesale mortgage broker, I have access to some of the most competitive rates in Hawaii! Retail Lenders are OVERCHARGING you!


I’m so confident I can beat any retail/direct lender's quote that I am willing to pay for your property inspection fee if I’m wrong!


Yes, you read that right! 


If I can't beat your retail lender's Loan Estimate, then you can stay with your current lender and I will still pay for your inspection fee.


Think about it...if I’m wrong, you will save money.

If I’m will save MUCH MORE!

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Only applicable to Primary Residence Purchases with Conventional, VA, USDA, or FHA loans in the State of Hawaii. Promotion does not apply to New Project Financing, Jumbo, Commercial Property, HELOCs, 2nd Mortgages, Portfolio, Non-QM, Construction, Land, or Hard Money loans. Promotion applies to all borrowers and does not discriminate against any protected class and is in accordance with the Fair Lending Act.

  • Loan Estimate or written quote must be dated within 7 days from a Retail Lender. Wholesale brokers or Correspondent Lenders are excluded from the comparison as they are not a Retail/Direct Lender. McKay Wilson reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the Loan Estimate provided.

  • The comparison must be made on the same terms for the same loan program. Credit Score, Loan Amount, Origination Fees, Interest Rate, and all other applicable loan terms must be specified and verified. Any special pricing concessions that are not transferrable from one lender to another (ie., employee/family discounts, lender concessions, or any credits applied by the lender or loan originator that are not available to the general public) will not apply to the comparison.

  • In the event McKay Wilson is unable to compete with the Retail Loan Estimate provided, McKay Wilson agrees to pay for the J-1 home inspection fee. Any other fees, such as pest inspection, appraisal inspection, or any other inspection fee is not part of the promotion and will not be paid by McKay Wilson. The payment of the home inspection fee will be reimbursed to the buyer after the buyer has provided a copy of the Final Closing Disclosure showing the same Retail Lender used during initial comparison, and only with a copy of the invoice provided by the home inspection company. McKay Wilson does not expect any referral, loan, business, or kickback from participant as a result of payment.

  • Any attempt to fraudulently or otherwise knowingly deceive McKay Wilson and/or C2 Hawaii will void participant's entry into the Rate Challenge promotion.

  • McKay Wilson reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. The Rate Challenge Promotion is a marketing campaign created by McKay Wilson and for his own personal use, and does not apply to C2 Hawaii, C2 Financial Corp, or any of its affiliates or employees.

Nancy from Pearl City saved over $5,000 in fees after comparing us to her Loan Estimate from Quicken/Rocket Mortgage!

Tae from Honolulu saved nearly $6,000 after coming to us from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation!

A Veteran who compared our rates to Veteran's United was beyond shocked when we were cheaper by over $13,000!!!

How much will you save???

Are you aware of the difference between

Retail/Direct Lenders vs. Wholesale Mortgage Brokers?

Did you know that you could save THOUSANDS

of dollars by using a

Wholesale Mortgage Broker?

Did you know you DON'T have to

sacrifice service for great rates?



Why do we have such great rates?

  • Wholesale brokers have much less overhead expenses than retail lenders

  • C2 Financial is the largest mortgage brokerage in the nation

  • We close over $2 Billion in loans annually

  • This earns us preferred pricing and other perks with our lender partners

  • This results in massive savings for you, our clients!

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C2 Financial Corporation is licensed by the NMLS #135622. Loan approval is not guaranteed and is subject to lender review of information. All loan approvals are conditional and all conditions must be met by the borrower. A loan is only approved when a Lender has issued an approval in writing and is subject to the Lender conditions. Specified rates may not be available for all borrowers. Rates subject to change with market conditions. C2 Financial Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Mortgage Broker/Lender. The services referred to herein are not available to persons located outside the state of Hawaii.