Reverse Mortgages


A reverse mortgage may be the best tool to allow seniors to "age in place." 

Reverse Mortgages don't require a monthly payment, which means seniors can live out their retirement comfortably, improving cash flow and stretching out their savings.

There have been so many changes in the Reverse Mortgage loan that have benefited you, the borrower, since it's inception in 1989. Many of the myths you've heard of no longer apply.

At C2 Hawaii, we have access to Reverse Mortgage products that other lenders don't. We have been able to accomplish retirement goals that others have said "no" to.


  • A reverse mortgage is a unique loan that allows homeowner(s) 62 years of age and older to draw on the value of their home, which can be paid to the homeowner(s) in a variety of options.

  • Reverse Mortgages do not require repayment until:

    • The homeowner(s) no longer reside in the residence​

    • The last surviving borrower passes away of does not comply with the loan obligations, such as paying property taxes and insurance, and maintaining the property to specific guidelines

  • The homeowner(s) can receive a lump sum payment, monthly term payments, monthly tenure payments, a line of credit, or simply eliminate monthly mortgage expenses for life

  • You can even use a Reverse Mortgage to purchase a new property


  • Qualifying for a Reverse Mortgage is much easier than a traditional mortgage, but the following must apply:

  • The property must serve as the primary residence

  • Must occupy the property within 60 days of closing (for purchase)

  • Sellers must pay for any repairs (for a purchase)

  • Upfront Mortgage Insurance and Monthly Mortgage Insurance may be required

    • The insurance purchased could be the best insurance you ever buy!​

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